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Zoning Certificate can be submitted via email or regular mail.  Applications can be emailed to or mailed to

the following address:


Amanda Paoletti

PO Box 773

Perryville, MD 21903 


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Mission Statement

The Department of Planning & Zoning is dedicated to promoting the orderly development of the Town in accordance with the Town's Comprehensive Plan, following guidelines as established in the Code of Perryville, and in compliance with Land Use Article of the Maryland Annotated Code.

The safety, health and welfare of our residents is a priority to ensure proposed development and redevelopment plans are consistent with established goals and objectives and to implement Smart Growth strategies of Maryland to guarantee a sustainable community in the future.

The Comprehensive Plan serves as a guide for the actions and decisions for development, and provides consistency for future growth.

The Zoning Ordinance provides for economic and efficient land development with established regulations for the welfare of the citizens of the Town.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Dianna Battaglia Director, Planning & Zoning 410-642-6066 x2008
Amanda Paoletti Planning and Zoning Coordinator 410-642-6066 x 2010