Perryville Outreach Program

  • 2014 Chiefs Challenge
  • Outreach Herr's Factory Field Trip 2015
  • Outreach Grad Ernie Giles now in Marine Corps.
  • Outreach Unity Wreath made for Black History Month 2016
"What lies behind us and lies before us are small compared to what lies within us." - Emerson
Please note our new location: Cifaldo Community Center, 418 Elm Street, Perryville, MD 21903

"The mission of the Perryville Police Department Outreach Program is to provide an alternative solution to at risk youth through a combination of preventive programs, guidance, and encouragement. The program also motivates all youth to strive to develop and achieve their goals to become productive citizens."


Company Overview

The Perryville Police Department Outreach Program (PPD Outreach Program) was first introduced on May 2006 as an innovated program to serve local youth. The PPD Outreach Program was developed to fit the needs of the youth in Perryville and to build positive relationships between the youth and the Police Department.



The PPD Outreach Program focuses on two specific agendas. The first is to address first time juvenile offenders. Based on the severity of the crime, the youth and their parents get the opportunity to enroll in the PPD outreach program to complete weekly counseling/mentoring sessions and community service hours. The second focus area encourages all youth between the ages of 8 - 18 to participate in building relationships with the officers of the Perryville Police Department. The bond that has developed between the police officers and the youth has opened windows where the teens have become more receptive to understand the consequences of their actions.


General Information
Struggling teens are often individuals with vast untapped potential that are simply not making the most of their abilities in their abilities in their current school, social, or family situations.
The PPD outreach program encourages youth to become advocates for positive changes in their lives and their community.
The PPD outreach program is the first of its kind in Cecil County, MD. The success... of the program is evident through the positive changes in local teens and interaction of the teens and police officers. The local youth response to this innovative program has been positive and full of excitement.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Danielle Hemling Outreach Director (410) 642-6728