Unattended Vehicle Safety

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1.Do not leave your vehicle unlocked, always double check, if the locks are malfunctioning, get them fixed. A few extra seconds of inspecting your vehicle when it is parked can eliminate huge headaches later!

2. Do not leave your social security cards, check books, or cash in your wallet/purse and in your vehicle when it is unattended. 

3. Do not leave jewelry, electronic equipment (GPS, ipod, computers), etc. in your unattended vehicle.  Also, be aware that if you have a windshield mounting bracket for electronic devices that suspect(s) look for unattended vehicle with the tell-tale suction mark on the windshield as a sign that the vehicle contains valuables.     

4. If a well lit parking area is available park in that area.

5. If you must leave something in your vehicle, lock it inside of your trunk or glove box, if unable to lock it away hide it under the seat out of the view of a thief.