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Ordinance 2018-09 Chapter 30 Brush Grass and Weeds

Ordinance 2018-08 Chapter 32 Building Construction

Ordinance 2018-07 Personnel Manual change for Part Time employee sick leave

Resolution 2018-07 Corporate Banking for PNC

Resolution 2018-06 Corporate Banking For Howard Bank

Resolution 2018-05 Assignment of Funds for Little League Field

Resolution 2018-04 Assignment of Funds for new Town Hall

Ordinance 2018-05 Budget Amendment FY 18

Resolution 2018-03 Town Parks and Playground Facility Rental fees and Regulations

Resolution 2018-02 Revitalization Grant Program

Ordinance 2018-06 FY19 Budget, Tax Rates, and Fiscal Plan

Resolution 2018-01 Local Impact Budget FY19 Amended

Ordinance 2018-04 Budget Amendment FY 18

Ordinance 2018-03 Budget Amendment FY 18

Ordinance 2018-02 Financial Disclosure and Ethic Code Revisions

Resolution 2017-12 Social Media Policy Amendment

Budget Amendment Ordinance 2018-01

Ordinance 2017-21 Budget Amendment FY18

Ordinance 2017-18 Budget Amendment Fy 18

Ordinance 2017-17 correction of Ord. 2017-14

Ordinance 2017-16 Revised Civil Emergencies

Emergency Ordinance 2017-20 Water System Emergencies

Emergency Budget Amendment Ordinance 2017-19

Ordinance 2017-12 Lower Ferry Pier

Ordinance 2017-15 Budget Amendment FY 2018

Resolution 2017-10 Revitalization Grant Program

Ordinance 2017-14 Budget Amendment FY 2018

Ordinance 2017-13 Budget Amendment FY 2018

Ordinance 2017-11 Budget Amendment FY 2017

Ordinance 2017-10 correction of Ord 2017-08 FY Budget 2018

Budget Amendment Ordinance 2017-09 Amended

Resolution 2017-04 Water and Sewer Rates for 2018-2020

Resolution 2017-02 Local Impact Budget 2018-2020

Ordinance 2017-08 FY Budget 2018

Resolution 2017-03 MD Municipal Public Works Agreement

Ordinance 2017-06 Alcoholic Beverages on Town Property

Ordinance 2017-07 Budget Amendment

Ordinance 2017-05 Budget Amendment

Ordinance 2017-04 Town Parks and Facilities Permits

Resolution 2017-01 Rules, Regulations, Conditions, and Fees for Park and Facilities

Ordinance 2017-03 Emergency Budget Amendment Revised

Budget Amendment Ordinance 2017-02

Budget Amendment Ordinance 2017-01

Ordinance 2016-23 Driveway Permit Fees

Ordinance 2016-21 Zoning Changes

Resolution 2016-17 Daily Boat Permit Fees

Resolution 2016-15 Boat Ramp Permit Procedures

Ordinance 2016-22 Altering boat ramp permit application process

Resolution 2016-16 Resident Agent for Town of Perryville

Ordinance 2016-11 Alcoholic Beverages on Town Property

Budget Amendment Ordinance 2016-20 Revised

Resolution 2016-14 Enterprise Zone

Resolution 2016-13 Amended non resident seasonal boat permits

Budget Amendment Ordinance 2016-19

Ordinance 2016-16 non resident seasonal boat permits

Emergency Budget Amendment Ordinance 2016-18

Resolution 2016-12 Cable Franchise Agreement Extension

Charter Amendment 2016-03 Tie Votes

Charter Amendment 2016-02 Forfeitures and Vacancies

Emergency Ordinance 2016-14 Animal Control

Resolution 2016-08 Garrett Island Transfer

Community Activities Committee

Resolution 2015-09 Susquehanna Rail Bridge Advisories 17, 18, and 19

Susquehanna River Rail Bridge Project Advisory Board Bulletins 7 and 9

Bay Restoration Fund Hardship Exemption Form

New Bus Service available from Perryville to Harford County.  For more information contact the Cecil County Department of Senior Services and Community Transit at 410-996-5295 or www.ccgov.org

Map and schedule for this new service Teal Route_JARC_Schedule COMBINED

Images of America Perryville Book for sale   profits dedicated toward the revitalization & restoration of the old downtown.

E-Z Pass Maryland Hatem Bridge Brochure

The Legacy of Rodgers Tavern & Other Sites Along Old Post Road- Book for Sale

Flood Insurance Rate Maps Revised From Coastal Study & Process of Coastal Flood Hazard Mapping

Maryland's Lower Susquehanna River Valley-Where the River Meets the Bay Book for Sale

Community Voice Survey