Snow & Ice Reminders

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This is a reminder to residents to clear your sidewalks of snow and ice as required by Town Code.  If too hard to clear, spread an ice melt product to make walking reasonably safe.  The weather forecast predicts temperatures above freezing the next few days and hopefully will aid removal efforts.  Be a helpful neighbor and clear surrounding properties if they are unable to do so.  The Code Enforcement Officer will begin checking for compliance within 24 hours after the end of the snow event. 
Property owners are responsible for keeping sidewalks clear of snow and ice within 24 hours after a snowfall. Do not deposit snow upon any public property, including streets. Make sure you clear your sidewalk as required in Town Code, Chapter 69 – Snow and Ice Removal, to a width of at least three (3) feet and within twenty four (24) hours after snow has ceased falling. If you live on a state or town snow emergency route, you have up to 30 hours after the snow has ceased falling to remove the snow from the sidewalk.
Due to snowplowing, a residual amount of snow will be deposited into every driveway and onto sidewalks. This may occur repeatedly throughout the day depending on the severity of the storm. It is the responsibility of the resident to clear his or her driveway. Whenever feasible, wait until plowing of roadways is complete before clearing your driveway if you wish to avoid having to clear the end of the driveway multiple times. Further, when shoveling, snow blowing or any other means of snow removal, put the snow back behind the curbing or asphalt and away from the driveway entrance. This helps prevent excessive snow buildup and it makes plowing more effective.
Fire Hydrants
Due to limited manpower and in an effort to make sure the hydrants remain accessible if needed, please do not deposit snow and ice around the hydrants, and the town does encourage area residents to help clear snow from hydrants within their neighborhood.
Helpful Hints
Shoveling snow from sidewalks and your drive onto city streets will cause the residual snow to be re-plowed back on your sidewalk and drive. Instead, shovel or blow the snow back behind the curb. Do not deposit snow upon any public property, including streets and sidewalks. Additional information:
For weather conditions, special weather bulletins, road conditions and other general information, tune to local radio or TV stations.
For fire, police, emergencies or ambulance, call 911.