Rules and Regulations

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General Rules and Regulations For use of facilities at Perryville Community Park



1.         All rentals/events, except private or non-profit group pavilion rentals, are required to present a certificate of liability insurance in the amount of $1,000,000 for property damage and $500,000 for personal injury damages, naming the Town of Perryville as an Additional Insured and must accompany this application.  The form of the certificate and the insurer must be acceptable to the Town.

  • Amusement apparatus, i.e., moon bounce, trampoline, is prohibited unless a certificate of liability insurance is provided.



2.          All vehicles must be parked in designated parking areas.                      Vehicles are prohibited from driving on the ground                                  sidewalks/walkways.


3.         The Permittee is responsible for collection of all trash arising from activities under this permit and its proper disposition in receptacles provided promptly after conclusion of the event authorized by this permit.  Excess trash should be thrown in nearby dumpster if available.            


4.          The permit is only for use of the specific area and time period                designated on the permit. 

Use of the approved area may not interfere or encroach upon others in adjoining areas. A map of your area will be provided.


5.         The Permittee is required to be on-site at all times during the event and must have full responsibility to make any decisions about the event.  The Permittee or other individual associated with the Permittee should have a cell phone for emergencies.


6.         The Permittee must supply and be responsible for all equipment necessary for the event.  The Town of Perryville, its employees and agents will not be held responsible for damages, losses and/or thefts of Permittee’s equipment.


7.         Abuse or misuse of Town property and equipment is prohibited.  The Permittee will be held liable for damage to Town property and equipment arising out of activities under this permit. 


8.         Unruly conduct or behavior will not be tolerated.


9.         Alcoholic beverages are prohibited as per chapter 61, section 61-17, of the Code of the Town of Perryville.


10.       Staking of the ground is prohibited. Staking of tents and/or anchoring of tents in the ground is prohibited. Tents may be used, but alternate means of anchoring the tents must be used.


11.       Amplified music and the use of public address (P.A.) systems are allowed with the following conditions.

  • Both Pavilions must be rented if in pavilion area.
  • Music and the use of a P.A. system are limited to the hours of the event.
  • The Town reserves the right to control the P.A. volume.
  • This is a family friendly property; therefore, music lyrics must not be sexually explicit, must not promote nor convey illegal activities, must not contain violence, and must not use profanity. 


12.       The use of grills, fires, and campfires are only permitted in designated areas & facilities provided by the Town.



13.       All events with road closures must fill out event road closure form. If State Highway is on the route to be closed a State Highway Road Closure form must be submitted to the State by the permittee, and the approved State Highway form must be provided to the Town in advance of the event.


14.       Pets are allowed on leashes; however, Permittee must clean up after animals.


15.       Use of staples, tacks, nails, etc. are prohibited on pavilions and band shell.


16.       All Parks rules and regulations must be followed.


17.       Signage is limited to wire yard signs. Signs must be removed at conclusion of event.


18.       Permittee must supply portable restroom facilities for groups of 100 or more. Placement

of the facilities, must be approved by the Town prior to the event and a diagram of the

approved location of the facilities will be attached to the permit. Permittee is responsible

for the placement, use, care and removal of restroom facilities. Any event from November through February portable restrooms must be provided by Permittee regardless of group size, as the Town does not have them available during these months.


19.       No permit will be issued to anyone under the age of 18 years old. The Town of Perryville has the right to deny use of property to any group or individual as may be determined for just cause or reason. Violation of any of these rules is one example of just cause. 


20.       Events open to the public will be placed on the Town Calendar and Events page of the Town website. Please email website link to if link to event website is available.


21.       Refunds will be given only if written notice of cancellation is received a minimum of two weeks prior to the scheduled event. The Town will work with Permittee to re-schedule if permitted date is rained out or otherwise cancelled due to unfavorable weather conditions.