Perryville Enterprise Zone

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The Perryville Enterprise Zone is one of eight Enterprise Zones in Cecil County and is located within the boundaries of the Town of Perryville. The zone is bordered by Maryland Route 7 to the north and Maryland Route 32 to the west. The zone consists of three parcels which are divided along a Conrail rail line, but do not cross any road boundaries. The parcels included in the Enterprise Zone are:

Map Parcel Acreage Ownership Zoning
0034 0081 267.48 Private L-2
0034 0089 16 Private L-2
0034 0679 10.68 Private L-2

The Perryville Enterprise Zone was re-designated and expanded in 2013 to include an additional 26.68 acres, bringing the total acreage to 294.16. The main employer in the Perryville Enterprise Zone is the IKEA Distribution Center which has over 500 employees and a facility of 1.8 million square feet.

Enterprise Zone Tax Credits

Businesses located in an Enterprise Zone may be eligible for income and/or real property tax credits through the State of Maryland Department of Business and Economic Development.

Real Property Tax Credits
A business may qualify for a ten-year credit against local real property taxes on a portion of real property improvements. The credit is 80% the first five years and decreases 10% annually to 30% in the tenth and final year.

Income Tax Credits
A one -time $1,000 credit per new worker. For economically disadvantaged workers, the credit is $6,000 per employee over three years.

Businesses which seek Property Tax Credit must apply to the Cecil County Office of Economic Development prior to completion of the construction or expansion project. Property tax credits may not be granted retroactively.

FAQ on Real Property Tax Credits
FAQ on Income Tax Credit

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